Naturopathy 101

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a system of primary health care that emphasises prevention, vitalism and support of your body’s natural self- healing processes.

The question many ask is “What exactly do naturopaths do?” In a nutshell naturopaths use several modalities that are designed to enhance the natural programming of your body to heal itself.  Traditionally naturopathy included natural products such as food and herbs, iridology, homeopathy, massage, hydro-therapy and exercise. Today many naturopaths have several strings to their bow, but all will include diet and nutrition, herbal remedies, and nutritional supplements. Some may or may not use homeopathy or massage themselves but work in conjunction with other health professionals. Some utilise functional and pathology testing. Most will work in conjunction with general practitioners, integrative doctors and other medical specialists to provide a complete approach to health care. This is the ideal as clients receive the best of all health systems to support them to recovery and new levels of wellness.

An important aspect of naturopathy is that we see no two people as the same. As you are a unique being, what happens for you will not be the same as what happens for another because you are special! Naturopaths take that into account when working with you. Sometimes it can be confusing for people as Modern Allopathic Medicine use protocols that treat all patients in much the same way.


What happens for you will not be the same as what happens for another because you are special and unique

Six Principle of Naturopathy
  1. First do no harm: Naturopaths use safe and the least invasive ways to support you. Any recommended natural products are approved and legal and will enhance your body’s healing abilities.
  2. The healing power of nature: your body’s ability to heal itself is strongly recognised by naturopaths. A naturopath’s  job is to enhance this ability by promoting vitality and balance.
  3. Identify and treat the cause: naturopaths look past your symptoms to identify the underlying cause of your illness and will work in that area of your health as well as working on relieving your symptoms.
  4. Treat the whole person: you are more than a set of symptoms. You are a physical, psychological and spiritual being, an integrated being.
  5. Doctor as teacher: educating clients to understand and take responsibility for their health is a major area of naturopathy. We want our clients to gain deeper understanding of their bodies’ needs and how they can help themselves regain vitality and energy. 
  6. Prevention: Naturopaths promote a focus on overall wellness, vitality and disease prevention.
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