Appointments with Desley


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By listening to your story and taking a full health history, Desley will guide you to the right foods and style of eating to energise your body and mind. Getting to know you and listening to your story will give Desley insight into how to help you succeed. Your plan will be unique and individualised because no two people are the same.


How you eat will always be part of working with Desley. She understands that wholefoods and healthy foods are the building blocks of vitality.

Desley may  work with you in a range of other areas: food as medicine, liquid herbal preparations, flower essences and Celloid® Mineral Therapy. Any products Desley recommends are safe and in keeping with the naturopathic principle: “Do no harm”. She is well versed in interactions with pharmaceutical medicines and will seek professional guidance as required with any prescription medicines you may take.

All appointments with Desley are currently by Skype or Zoom Web chat. Contact Desley