Desley is a peer-reviewed author and regularly writes articles  about naturopathy, health and wellness. Her social media pages include @naturopathically and @paddingtonhealth on Instagram and FaceBook


Hatfield, Desley;  Naturopathic treatment of recurrent urinary tract infection symptoms: A case study [online]. Australian Journal of Herbal Medicine, Vol. 29, No. 3, 2017: 90-95



5 Ways to Keep your Children Healthy During Winter : Kids are full of germs! Help them stay safe during winter with these tips.
7 Signs You Aren’t Getting Enough Zinc : Find out about this essential mineral, signs of deficiency and how to get more into your diet.
Animal Nutrition: what to feed your cats and dogs
: Desley gives her view, as a naturopath, on what your pets should eat to stay healthy.
Breathe Easy with Chemical Free Cleaning
: Did you know you can clean your home without chemicals, using just these 3 products from your kitchen cupboard?
Dairy Foods are not the only way to get your calcium : Discover that there are many sources of calcium if you are vegan or dairy-free.
Have you got the guts? How Prebiotics and Probiotics supports your health
: the gut is one of the new frontiers in health, our understanding of it’s importance is growing everyday. Prebiotics and probiotics are necessary for a healthy gut, find out why.
Happy Gut Happy Mind:The Connection between Digestive Health and Anxiety
:  Desley explains the connection between mental health and the state of your gut.
Hemp: A bunch of old rope : Find out about hemp seed, a new super food, it’s benefits and uses.
How Do You Stay Vegan Healthy : Veganism is growing in popularity. Understand how to keep you and your family healthy. Learn about the necessary vitamins to consider.
Inflammation: What is it? What can you do about it? Understand the different types of inflammation and ways of managing inflammatory conditions. Try the delicious recipe for an anti-inflammatory hot chocolate!
Love-Stress? How To Get In The Mood For Love : Did you know your stress levels can affect your bedroom activities
Medicinal Mushrooms : Mushrooms as a medicine has been used for thousand of years in Asia. They are bursting onto the health scene in Australia. Find out what they can do.
Mushrooms: their power as a super food : All mushrooms are little powerhouses of health, full of vitamins and minerals. Read about why.
Spice up Your Life: how cinnamon support your heart : Learn about the health benefits of this spice in everyone’s kitchen.
The Rise of Rickets – A Preventable Disease : Rickets is a softening of the bones caused by insufficient Vitamin D. Read more about why its making a come back
What’s the Buzz about Manuka Honey: UMF and MGO compared : find out what all the numbers on the Manuka Honey label means.

Winter Protection: Elderberry, your weapon against cold and flu : Used traditionally in herbal medicine for protection and management of colds and flu for all ages.
Winter Wellness- 6 Things for the Whole Family : An array of supports for your family to help keep everyone fit and healthy during the autumn and winter months.

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