About Desley

Desley is a degree qualified naturopath, having studied 4 years of Health Science at Endeavour College of Natural Health.  Drawn to natural health early in life by her interest in cooking and making her own skin products,  it made total sense to eatcropped-crop-2019.jpg whole foods and live a healthy lifestyle.

Desley’s own health challenges have included chronic allergy conditions, back injury and depression.  When medical science had no enduring solutions, she found natural therapies helped where it failed, with fewer relapses or symptoms. This gave Desley a greater knowledge of her body and she began to listen to the messages it sent.

“Good health is simple and practical. There is no magic pill, only understanding how and what your body needs to regain your health, energy and vitality to enjoy life.”

Years of studying and teaching Taiji and Buqi® ( a form of healing related to Taiji) enabled Desley to deepen her understanding of the workings of the human body, the necessity for balance and the dynamism in all living things, ultimately leading to vitality and energy. She has been able to combine this with her naturopathic knowledge to understand her clients at a deep level, in order to work with them toward knowledge and change in themselves.

As an horticulturist she came to understand how balance is everything in the natural world, allowing plants to adapt to many stressors and challenges. During her training in naturopathy she understood that this was true for people too.

Desley believes an integrated approach of both orthodox medicine and naturopathy  will bring the best of all worlds to support  you. She is happy to work alongside your GP, specialist or other therapist to give you an holistic solution.

As a naturopath, keen cook and gardener Desley shares her knowledge and experience  to motivate and inspire you to learn about your own health and well being in practical ways to bring about change.

Desley maintains regular and continued professional development and training  to ensure her knowledge remains up to date with the latest research  regarding  naturopathy and health to keep her clients well supported.

Desley’s Qualifications and Training:
Four year Bachelor Degree in Health Science, BHSc (Nat)
Assoc Dip Hort
Mental Health First Aid
Older Person Mental Health First Aid
Member of the National Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA)

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